CAT6 Unscreened Twister Pair (UTP) Patch Panels

OPTiLite CAT6 unscreened twisted pair patch panels are available in 24 and 48 port versions to accommodate installation requirements. Each panel has a screen printed labelling field positioned above each port, included with the panel is a preprinted self-adhesive labelling sheet — pre numbered 1-96, for fast and easy labelling on site. Termination can be made using LSA compatible tooling; cable tie bridges are positioned between the IDC blocks to relieve cable stress.

Installation can be further enhanced by the use of the rear cable management tray which is attached quickly and easily to the panel without the need for fixings (included).

  • Labelling options
  • Backwards compatible
  • Rear cable management
  • LSA style termination blocks
  • Choice of port density

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